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Implementation and technical support services for Omega Tim Bulgaria.
Since 2004, under an agreement between Information Products Ltd. and Omega Tim Bulgaria Ltd., a team of system analysts and technical support engineers is providing implementation and support services to the clients of Omega Tim Bulgaria.

Clinical Microbiology And Disease Control Information System

This expert system is one of its kind not only in Bulgaria but in the region. It is a completely web based expert system which is used in more than 40 laboratories in the country. Each year its database gathers more than 100000 examination results.


OffPlanProperty is a web – based portal mainly focused on off-plan real estates. Its database contains information for properties from all over the world. It was created for our UK customer and is one of the most popular portals of the kind. Besides the data about the estates it is very often used as a source of information for the investors in a specific country or people who are thinking of moving to that country.


Kosova-law is a prepaid web based system focused on the law system of the young Republic of Kosova. Its database contains the consolidated versions of all the legal acts in Kosova and their previous versions and ammendmends. Basicaly Kosova-law is a modern legal information system which front and backend are completely web based.

Prospective students’ management system for the University of National and World Economy

During the past 3 years our team is taking part in the prospective students’ campaign for the University of National and World Economy. The system dedicated to that campaign is done by our team and we are proud to announce that this system is the best in the Bulgarian market.


With our friends from Publicis Marc Group (http://www.publicis.bg/) we created this portal for BNP Paribas Personal Finance division. This is the one of the most recently visited portals for personal financing in Bulgaria.

Teletek Network Configurator

This project is a complex desktop based system for programming hardware devices like fire protection or robbery protection devices. It is highly parameterized using human friendly xml configuration files. It is used by engineers who creates and maintains security device networks. Different communication medias are supported – USB, TCP, RS232, UDP and modem.


Along with our partners from ExactTech Ltd (http://exacttech.net ) we created an ERP system for small and medium manufacturing enterprises. This system is implemented in more than 10 companies in the USA and Bulgaria.


Our client is kept in secret due to contract restrictions. This is a completely web based system for telemarketing. Our client’s database contains more than 1 000 000 companies and more than 100 operators and sales reps. This system has a software telephone integrated and is using VOIP technologies to make calls cheaper and integration more efficient. It is used by sales reps all over the country and nowadays they are making more than 600 calls per day.

Dent damages recognition system

Our client is kept in secret due to contract restrictions. This is a complex image-recognition system which analyzes images of metal surfaces and detects damages, calculates their size and depth and the eventual prices for their repair. The surfaces are shot using polarized lightning and the management of the hardware part is also done by that system.